How to Choose the Best TV & Internet Package for Your Family

America is witnessing a tide of consumers who are bundling their television and internet packages into a single service. The move has its advantages. The service providers are offering a discounted deal on the bundles, and it makes sense for the consumers to go for them. In addition to saving money you can use v380 pro for pc, the consumers get one bill for both the services, which is undoubtedly more convenient. However, with the introduction of bundles, it has become almost impossible for an average consumer to compare different bundles from multiple service providers. 

Questions like “should I go with more channels for TV by forsaking the internet speed, or should I choose high speed and give up my premium TV packages?” are being raised, and people are finding it difficult to decide between the two. But, don’t worry. We have you covered. Here are some suggestions to help you choose  around.

Set a Baseline

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Set a baseline for the minimum amount you would want to pay for the TV and internet package. You can do it this way. First, consider your average monthly expense on television. Add to it your monthly internet expenditure. Now, consider the various add-ons you want. Are there any premium television packages that you would like to have? Do you want to make an upgrade to your internet speed? Ask yourselves questions like these. Once you have considered what all you want to have, find a service provider that offers all of these features. Chances are that you might find bundles from multiple service providers within the range of your baseline.

Type of Consumption

Fast and reliable networks Time WArner cable Nyc internet

Your internet and TV packages should be customized to your consumption styles. If all or multiple members of your family have many internet-enabled devices, and tend to use them extensively, then you will need a high speed internet connection. On the other hand, if members of your family spend more time watching television than surfing the internet, then you probably need a better TV package, and can compromise with the internet speed. So, understand how your family consumes the internet, and television entertainment, and choose a bundle accordingly.

Type of Service

Ultimate internet connect 6 devices simultaneously TWC NYC

Television entertainment can be delivered to you in multiple ways. There is cable television; there is satellite television; there are streaming services which only require an internet connection. Similarly, choose a type of internet connection – whether you want a DSL broadband, fiber optic, satellite TV, cable internet, and so on. Once you go through the pros and cons of each service in your area, you will know which among them suits your needs.


Ultimate Internet Experience Best of all

This is possibly the most important step in your evaluation process. You will find thousands of reviews on each service provider and they are really helpful. Some service providers are notoriously negligent towards their customers. Once you have removed them from your shortlist of service providers, you will be left with fairly reliable candidates. Ask people you know about their television and internet service providers. They have used them, and are best disposed to provide information about them. 


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Is Netflix Right For Your Family?

Netflix has an interesting history. In fact, in some ways many consider Netflix to be the mother of other online television services like Hulu, Vudu, and Amazon Prime. As Blockbuster and other movie rental stores died out Netflix and her children rose up. In 1997, almost 20 years ago, Netflix was first founded and from that point Netflix has won and lost battles. Now, today, it is one of the most popular and well known methods of entertainment.

control monitors on netflix

There are ultimately two sides to Netflix. The first is the streaming side which allows viewers to select from a wide variety of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. You can stream shows from Netflix to your computer, smart HDTV, Roku, Apple TV, Blu-ray player, or on your tablet or smartphone with the Android/iOS app that is available free of charge. Netflix has also begun to make its own programs that are exclusively available to those who have Netflix. Many of the titles can even be watched in high definition.

The second part of Netflix is the disc rentals. Netflix has several different plans allowing you to have one, two, or three discs at a time. When you send one back, Netflix sends you the next one on the list. Netflix has a very wide and large selection of discs which are available for rent—in fact the selection is bigger than its streaming selection. Still, Netflix offers TV shows and movies that can be rented in either format, and all you have to do is take a trip to your mailbox if you choose to rent.

netflix interface flat

Netflix is well known for having the best delivery system which keeps its customers faithful to the service. In general it provides one of the best, smoothest experiences when watching movies or TV. You don’t have to buy anything because you are already paying for the service, you don’t have to worry about advertisements, and in general Netflix offers a pleasant and painless experience while watching your favorite shows.

There are a few things that have also made Netflix so successful. You never have to pay a late fee, wait in line, or talk to people when you are renting a movie at the movie store. Everything is in your hands when you want it and how you want it—the control is all yours with the click of a button and there are virtually no penalties and no late fees. Netflix also offers affordable prices that beat cable so many people switch to Netflix and drop cable television.


Critics of Netflix say that their DVDs are often scratched, that they have poor customer service, and that the selection is insufficient. These experiences do not reflect every single Netflix user, but they do embody a portion of them. It can also be inconvenient that shows on Netflix come and go. While it may be available today, it is sometimes not available tomorrow. Even if you are not using the service you must still pay for it every month which some consider to be another weakness or downside.


How Historically Accurate is Masters of Sex?

masters of sex logo

Masters of Sex is a Showtime historical drama that tells the story of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson, the “pioneers” of sexual research who, throughout the late 1950s through the 1990s, conducted unprecedented research on the human sexual response. Their work is cited as dispelling many long-standing myths about sex, particularly in relation to women. The show stars Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan and is currently set to air its third season in 2015.

Like any show based on real events, many people are curious as to just how historically accurate Masters of Sex is to the real-life people and events it is depicting. Just how accurate is Masters of Sex? Let’s take a look at three key aspects of the show are being created or tweaked for television.

masters of sex

Masters wasn’t really socially awkward

In the show, Johnson is depicted as being the “people person” of the group. This is actually accurate to history–Johnson was typically the person who primarily talked with their patients and clinical subjects, made them comfortable, and asked them the important questions. Masters, on the other hand, is depicted in great contrast as being socially awkward with the people that they interview or study. In reality, however, Masters was described as being “charming,” “funny” and even “delightful.”

Masters and Johnson didn’t display affection or sexual tension publicly

One of the cornerstones of the show is the frequent sexual tension between Masters and Johnson, particularly when they are interviewing patients about their sexual history or visually watching one of their studies. And while the real-life couple certainly had chemistry—they eventually married—they were extremely professional during while they were publically working on the study. Many former patients and colleagues described the pair as “aloof” and even “icy” towards each other while they were in front of patients and subjects.

masters of sex hot tub

The subjects weren’t “Hollywood beautiful”

In the show, just about every subject shown engaging in intercourse is primed for television—fit, beautiful and very “Hollywood.” It almost seems as if the only people Masters and Johnson are interested in studying are those deemed “Hollywood beautiful.” In reality, however, people of all shapes and sizes participated in the study—namely because the pair were interested in the science of sexual human response, and not on the appearance of their subjects. The producers of the show likely want to make sure that viewers find the scenes titillating, and thus avoid anyone who may look too “normal.” 

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There’s No Dog Like Toto: Trivia about “Oz’s” Toto

Toto is one of the most beloved and most well-known dog characters of all time. Even people who haven’t necessarily seen the Wizard of Oz films or read the original book are probably familiar with the character—or at least the famous phrase, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

Toto has appeared in many of the official “Oz” books, later spin-offs, films, TV shows and even musicals. Whether you’re a diehard “Oz” buff or you’re just a lover of cinema dogs, consider the following interesting trivia about the world’s most famous pet.

toto wizard of oz wheel

In the books, Toto can talk—sometimes

In the original The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Toto was an ordinary dog who did not talk, even though other animals living in Oz had the power of speech. In the books that followed, it was revealed that animals living in Oz gained the ability to talk, but Toto himself did not talk until The Tik-Tok of Oz. In ‘Tik-Tok,’ Toto finally speaks, revealing that he can talk in Oz, but he simply chooses not to. In subsequent books, Toto will occasionally talk, especially if it’s to help out Dorothy.

toto in lego form kansas life size

His exact breed is unknown

L. Frank Baum never specified Toto’s exact breed. Instead, he described Toto as a small black dog with “long silky hair and small black eyes.” The illustrations of the original book appear similar to both Yorkshire and Cairn Terriers. In the MGM film, a Cairn terrier (Terry) was used.

There is a memorial to Terry the Terrier at the Hollywood Forever cemetery

Terry the Terrier, who played Toto in the 1938 MGM film, died at the age of 10 or 11 in 1945. Terry had appeared in 13 total films, including her most famous role as Toto in The Wizard of Oz. In 2011, a memorial for Terry was erected in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

toto is held for the first time

Toto accidentally becomes the ruler of Arfrica in the Oz books

In Toto in Oz, published in 1986, Toto accidentally becomes the ruler of a town called Arfrica after he finds an ivory scepter that he thought was a chewing bone. He is dubbed the First Magistrate of the town, but when he finds out that he will have to marry a human princess for political reasons, he runs away and elects a Second Magistrate of the town to serve in his place.



Top Unanswered Questions from Once Upon a Time Season 3’s Fifth Episode

Once Upon a Time’s third season started with a bang (Or is that a “Bangarang”?)—but with each episode comes new twists, mysteries, and plenty of unanswered questions. The fifth episode of season three gave many viewers a twist they had been waiting for—a passionate kiss between Emma and the dashing pirate Captain Hook. It also gave us a glimpse into Hook’s tragic past, and the reason that he decided to go into a life of piracy. Although we did get some answers in episode 5, it also left us with plenty of unanswered questions!

once upon a time season 5 premiere sunday sept 27

1. Will David Be Able To Leave Neverland?

David—aka Prince Charming—was saved by Captain Hook’s knowledge of magical Neverland spring water that would heal any wound. But, as the show has told us before: all magic comes with a price. And the magic for saving someone from a fatal poison? They can never leave the island of Neverland. Will be able to find a way off the island? Or will Snow White and co. be forced to leave them if they are able to rescue Henry?

brave once upon a time season 5

2. Will Hook Spill the Beans?

Hook has been showing signs that he wants to turn over a new leaf, or at least prove to Emma, David and Snow White that he’s more than a pirate. His persistence on saving David and his decision to ignore Pan’s offer of a deal pushed us in the direction of thinking he was being a better man. But when Pan revealed to Hook that Neal was still alive AND on the island, we were forced to ask: Is he going to tell Emma that the man she loves is still around?

the sword in the stone season 5 once upon a time

3. What Did Hook do For Pan?

One of the biggest twists on the Peter Pan story was introduced in this episode—namely the idea that Hook was, for at least one part of his life, doing dirty work for Peter Pan. But this begs the question: What kind of work was Peter having Captain Hook do? And why would he agree to do it in the first place?

Hopefully season 3 will answer these questions and anymore the writers throw at us in the coming weeks!

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Time Warner Cable Is Unrivaled

Receive nonpareil High Speed Internet, Digital Voice, and Digital TV from Time Warner Cable, a preferred provider. Digital TV from Time Warner Cable is so much more than simply television. Enjoy a Free Trial of DVR and HD Premium Tier Channels for three months. HD, or High Definition, brings clarity and quality into your home that makes you feel like you are really there seeing whatever you are watching on TV. Watch news, local broadcast cable and sports in HD, not to mention your favorite movies and other exciting new programs.

Receive No Fee HD, bringing your home the most Free HD channels available.With hundreds of all digital channels available at your fingertips, no one in your home will be complaining of boredom again. Experience an abounding number of On Demand choices, substantially greater than with satellite. Receive all of this with no equipment to buy! Everyone will love your Free trial of DVR, or Digital Video Recorder. No one in your home will ever have to miss their favorite show or sports game again.

virtual assistant time warner cable

Simply record the show or program you want to watch and view it at your convenience. Pause and rewind live television, giving you control over TV with the click of a button. Fast-forward through commercials and even more. Parental Controls give the parents the power to limit what their children watch on television, even when the parents are not at home. Just set the parental controls to restrict their access to adult content programming and more. With the On-Screen Program Guide, you can search for your favorite programs by name, time or genre…both in English and in Spanish.  Time Warner Cable Internet Internet offers you speeds you need.

With speeds of up to 7 Mbps, way faster than DSL, you won’t ever look back. Get an extra kick of speed with exclusive PowerBoost, at no extra cost. With these speeds, downloading music, pictures, files, social networking, shopping online and so much more are easy and expeditious. If you like participating in online games, sharing large files and downloading large files such as movies, you need even more speed. Upgrade to Turbo and you will find Internet connection accelerations of up to 15 Mbps. Find more details at

visrtual assistant explained time warner cable

Added protection and security comes with the Internet Security Suite, Free of charge when you subscribe. This fantastic Internet Security Suite provides you with anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall protection and even pop-up blocker! Don’t forget about Time Warner Cable Home Phone Service. Digital Home Phone service gives you reliable and unlimited calling anywhere within the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada, so you can call anyone, almost anywhere. Customers needn’t worry about long distance bills surprising them in their mail ever again.

Have fun with and utilize popular calling features that are included with digital Voice at no extra cost. These features include Caller ID on your TV and your PC, Anonymous Call Rejection, Call Waiting, and more. Check out Time Warner Cable Bundles and get the hottest new features in Digital TV, High Speed Internet, and Digital Home Phone all from one trusted provider. Receive all of this at a hassle-free and affordable monthly rate. Find more entertainment offers at

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Miley’s At It Again

Miley’s “Wrecking Ball” video injected her name back into the mouths of gleeful critics. In the video, she’s naked and crying, but mostly naked. The video was directed by Terry Richardson. The video starts with Miley staring into the camera soulfully, through tearful eyes set in a grimace of pain. She explains, through song, of the tragic end of a love affair that ended with her feeling wrecked. The background consists of stark white and, later, a cinderblock background that gets knocked down with a wrecking ball. Ok.

miley cirus booty

What critics will point out is that she’s naked- and kissing (or licking) on inanimate objects, such as sledge hammers and chains, but mostly, that she’s naked. They will point out that the amount of nudity is unnecessary and unhealthy for younger children that look to Miley for inspiration and idolization.

miley cyrus sexy gum

Cyrus’ fans will point out that Miley is no longer the child star that she once was and that she is viewed as an adult. She’s no longer part of Disney’s wholesome image and, therefore, no longer bound to carry it. They will also say the song is one of vulnerability and raw emotion- two components that are ever-present in a story of love and loss. Therefore, the nudity in the video is just a literal and visual representation of Miley’s love-induced torment. Course, they might be a little at loss to explain how Miley’s naked straddle on top of a giant wrecking ball fits into that.

No matter which side of the line you fall on, Miley’s back in the spot light, baring all. She seems to be snubbing her nose at directly at those that said her VMA performance was risque. She might have even been snickering. She must have known that her critics hadn’t seen anything yet.

miley cyrus we cant stopmiley-juicy-jay

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Take A Look At Cloud Storage

To date, there is still no substitute for the amount of storage you can get on your desktop’s hard drive. This means portable devices are limited in what they can store and offer you when you are out of your house, on the go.

icloud logo

While you can carry around flash drives and SD cards to access on your laptop and other portables, but it just isn’t the same thing. This has left the portable experience lacking. However, there has been a migration toward accessing the data on your desktop through Wi-Fi connections and remote access, even from something as small as your smartphone.

The set-up process doesn’t take long and it can provide hours of entertainment while allowing you to forgo carrying the portable storage. You can repeat these steps on every desktop you have, giving you access as many libraries as you want at one time.

the cloud explained

First, find a program like . These programs ask you to set up an account so you have an account to access your files through. Follow the prompts to set up your account. Install the software on your computer as prompted, and then install the app on your smartphone. There is no synching necessary and no conversions to take up your time.

Once everything is installed, you can sign on from your portable and your files will be there waiting for you. You can install the software on every desktop you have, allowing you to access as many files as necessary while you are out. You only have to install the app one time on your portable to access multiple desktops.

When you are out, find a Wi-Fi connection and simply sign on. Your portable is now your doorway to your media center at home. It’s a better alternative than carrying your portable storage with you.

icloud interface

Searching For Affordable Home Entertainment?

How do you get affordable family entertainment, anytime you want it? Ask your local cable TV provider about getting an exciting home entertainment package you can afford. With the right programming package, all of your sports, news, weather, shows, movies and children’s programming are within easy reach, all for a single monthly rate. This is more affordable than spending money on movie and game rentals, and then spending more money on late fees. Since your provider can give you new movie releases and live action events, you can get a complete home entertainment package without the sticker shock. See if you are eligible for , or  or  or .

union square streaming service

Cable providers offer thousands of selections for On Demand programming, including Blockbuster hits, movies on demand from HBO, Showtime and other premium movie channels, plus recent episodes from primetime shows. These selections can be accessed day or night to work with your schedule, giving you the benefit of the programming package you are paying for. Your provider can also give you live Pay Per View programming that puts you ring-side for full coverage on UFC fights and other live events. This is a complete programming package that puts everything you need for family entertainment at your fingertips.

Your cable provider can also give you a DVR or HD-DVR to record your shows to for watching when you have time. They can store programming, and then rewind, pause and fast forward through your selection while you watch. This provides a customized viewing experience everyone can appreciate. These devices also provide Parental Controls that can block channels and shows based on child ratings. This creates a healthy home viewing environment even when you aren’t home.

streaming services twitter app

Your provider can also deliver a high-speed internet service that can provide online programming, faster speeds for online gaming and safer connections for online banking and shopping. Some providers offer as much as 105 Mbps, so you never have to wait for slow loading times. You can stream your programming, game with less lag and enjoy a more secure connection. This service also comes with online security software that blocks viruses and other online threats with the benefit of online Parental Controls that keep your children away from adult content online. You can have the peace of mind you need while they roam freely on their tablets, laptops or smartphones.

For meeting your communications needs, your provider can give you an unlimited local and long distance calling service. You can call within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico on a set rate that includes all the calling features you need for easy call management. You can also ask your provider about International calling so that you can hear that familiar voice at the end of the line without paying a fortune to do so.

hbogo interface

When you get these three services at one time, you can Bundle them to save even more money. Ask about a Bundled service package and get discounted rates on your monthly bill. Pay this bill online and you get the added bonus of convenience. Your cable TV provider can supply your needs affordably.