Top Unanswered Questions from Once Upon a Time Season 3’s Fifth Episode

Once Upon a Time’s third season started with a bang (Or is that a “Bangarang”?)—but with each episode comes new twists, mysteries, and plenty of unanswered questions. The fifth episode of season three gave many viewers a twist they had been waiting for—a passionate kiss between Emma and the dashing pirate Captain Hook. It also gave us a glimpse into Hook’s tragic past, and the reason that he decided to go into a life of piracy. Although we did get some answers in episode 5, it also left us with plenty of unanswered questions!

once upon a time season 5 premiere sunday sept 27

1. Will David Be Able To Leave Neverland?

David—aka Prince Charming—was saved by Captain Hook’s knowledge of magical Neverland spring water that would heal any wound. But, as the show has told us before: all magic comes with a price. And the magic for saving someone from a fatal poison? They can never leave the island of Neverland. Will be able to find a way off the island? Or will Snow White and co. be forced to leave them if they are able to rescue Henry?

brave once upon a time season 5

2. Will Hook Spill the Beans?

Hook has been showing signs that he wants to turn over a new leaf, or at least prove to Emma, David and Snow White that he’s more than a pirate. His persistence on saving David and his decision to ignore Pan’s offer of a deal pushed us in the direction of thinking he was being a better man. But when Pan revealed to Hook that Neal was still alive AND on the island, we were forced to ask: Is he going to tell Emma that the man she loves is still around?

the sword in the stone season 5 once upon a time

3. What Did Hook do For Pan?

One of the biggest twists on the Peter Pan story was introduced in this episode—namely the idea that Hook was, for at least one part of his life, doing dirty work for Peter Pan. But this begs the question: What kind of work was Peter having Captain Hook do? And why would he agree to do it in the first place?

Hopefully season 3 will answer these questions and anymore the writers throw at us in the coming weeks!